2018 in Review

Today, I am reviewing the highs of 2018. Now, I don't take pictures of the hard and difficult times. Please know, there are plenty of those, too. Although I don't know where this blog will lead, I know I will always have this 2018 year in a review to look back at. Day to day life never seems to change much, but looking back at this year, there has been plenty of change!

Keep in mind, anything with a link is to a post about that specific event :)

The boys kicked off January by heading to the Vikings game. This was Jace's first game!

 We also enjoyed snow forts and friends!
 On January 6th, we celebrated Ella's first birthday!
We had cousins here to help us celebrate!
We also celebrated a MINNEAPOLIS MIRACLE with a Vikings last second win! Dan was at this game!
A large part of February was spent ice fishing for the 3 boys in the family.

 Dan and I snuck out for a Valentine's day date!
 And we had our annual friends weekend with these lovely families (a few were gone due to illness)
 My sister, Jaxon, a friend and I went cross country skiing for the first time!
 I love this sister of mine!
While these boys were out fishing......

 Lindsay and I went shopping!
 We spent time playing in the snow with cousins at grandpas!
 And we celebrated my sister in law, a soon to be mama, with a baby shower!
The boys had swimming lessons (we like to do it in March because spring and summer are so busy for us).

And Jaxon finished up basketball.
We saw the Easter Bunny...
And hosted Easter for our family!
 Jace and I also went to the circus!
 And this girl enjoyed being bald and in her crib!
We also started to strip and sand our deck.

May was a bussssy month!
First, Beth and I made a trip to Duluth to visit our new niece, miss Sutton!
 Jaxon was a clown in the school concert!
 And he was keeping busy with baseball!
 We celebrated Mother's Day by visiting Auntie and Uncle (who had recently moved away)...

 Jace graduated from preschool!

 And Jaxon was busy after school doing typing club on the computer ALL.THE.TIME.
 We FINISHED our deck!
 And Dan went on a field trip to the zoo with Jaxon!

We spent Memorial weekend at my dads grilling, playing with cousins, and celebrating Sutton's baptism!

 We also stopped by the lake to dip our toes in the water!
 We made our summer bucket list!
 And Ella went on some rides in her new car!
 On May 31st, we had the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!
We spent a lot of time at home but were sure to hit up the pool and go to the lake!
 We had lemonade and Pokemon stands....and battles.

 And Jaxon went to his annual Bison football camp!

 Jace started baseball...mom was his coach :) 

At the end of June, Jaxon went to Adam Thielen football camp. Basically, his dream come true! When they got this picture taken, Adam told Jaxon 'you did a great job today'. Jaxon didn't see his mouth move when he talked to anyone else. #hewasstoked

We kicked off July by going to the lake and celebrating Dan's 34th birthday!

 And also found out we lost our favorite puppy, Bo. Bo lived at grandpa's and was very special to Jaxon and especially Jace.

 We were sure to play in the rain!
 And have fun at baseball with friends!
 Dan and I snuck away for a night with great friends!
 And then we celebrated Jaxon's 9th birthday!

 He wasn't very excited about his gifts....HA
 They enjoyed some dessert at Red Lobster for their birthdays!
At the end of July, we headed to the Wisconsin Dells with our cousins! The boys loved the waterslides and Ella learned to swim alone with her puddle jumper!

We also wrapped up baseball season!
 And had a night out with friends!
The boys headed to Vikings training camp (we love that it is closer, now).
 We spent some nights at the lake!
 Saw Bo's grave at grandpas and picked some goodies from his garden.
 Ella learned to become fearless in the water and was always trying to keep up with the boys!
 And then Jaxon, Dan, cousin Ashton, and Uncle Donnie headed BACK to training camp one more time!

 I spent a night out with friends...

 And we soaked up some time at the beach, too!
 We froze sweetcorn with the family...
 And started flag football!
 I also chopped off my hair!
In September, we went back into routine at our house with school starting.

Jace started school two days after Jaxon and so he spent some time at auntie Beth's playing with Scarlett...and the kitties!
 We had LOTS of backyard football in September!
 I also celebrated my 33rd birthday with these hooligans! We went to Johnny Carinos (because the kids LOVE it)!

October kicked off with a weekend my sisters and cousins at my moms house with all of the kids! #craziness

 In October, Ella also transitioned to a big girl bed as she decided crawling out of her crib was the new thing!
 Jaxon received his bible at church!

 We went to Duluth for our annual trip!
 And hosted a murder mystery party!
 Of course, we enjoyed Halloween with Minnie Mouse, Kylo Ren, and Jaxon as a scary ghost.
We kicked off November with this guy getting his braces off!!
 And continued to have multiple basketball practices and games each week!
 Jaxon had his school concert!
 And Ella and Scarlett got their ears pierced!
 Jace and I went to an NDSU Bison game!
 And we decorated for Christmas...before Thanskgiving, like usual :)
 I was able to celebrate a Thanksgiving feast with Jace in his classroom.
 And we had Thanksgiving at Auntie Beth's and Aunt Tami's!

We visited Santa at the beginning of December!
 And Ella met a few princesses for the first time!
 Jace had his holiday concert at school!
 More basketball....
 Sledding and pond hockey!
 The end of the first season of basketball!
 Jace lost his first tooth!
 We had Christmas concerts at church and grandma came to watch!

 Decorated gingerbread houses at school with Jace in kindergarten!
 And celebrated New Years with the family (+ the boys each had a friend over)!

And that is a wrap on 2018! It is interesting to look back at January and February of 2018 and imagine that was a whole year ago. I see how everyone has grown (or aged) and am looking forward to a happy and healthy 2019!


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