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Life Lately

Considering I have been gone awhile, I thought I would share a little bit about how we have been keeping busy...grab a coffee, this is picture overload!

First off, Jaxon got his braces off! I have had a lot of questions about him having braces this young. He got them on when he was 8. He had some teeth come in funny which caused him to have a cross bite. This could easily cause him to fracture his permanent teeth, which would then result in the tooth dying and needing a tooth implant. He had braces for only 15 months. Will he need them again? We can't say for certain, however, he now has a permanent retainer on the bottom and a removable one he needs to wear on the top. He still has quite a few teeth to lose so it depends on how they come in. 
Jaxon has been busy with basketball. I never seem to get pictures of him playing as chasing around Ella has me busy enough. I am SO thankful that Jace keeps himself entertained during games. Jace LOVES jaguars and so he had to take a picture…

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