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Jaxon is NINE!

Our firstborn is nine years old today! He is our rule follower, sports loving, energetic, kind kid. I did a post all about Jaxon you can read here.

When I think about the day Jaxon was born, I feel like I remember it the most vividly of all my kids. Probably because it was my first and I had no other responsibilities but him?!?! I remember feeling so ready and prepared but looking back, I was SO YOUNG (only 23) and completely clueless. Two of my best friends had babies and I loved them and held them so I figured I knew exactly what I was doing! Thankfully, he is still turning out to be a great kid :)

I was due with Jaxon on July 15th. We didn't know the sex and were so anxious to know that more than anything! I went in on that day for my check up and my doctor informed me that I needed a c-section. He said the baby wasn't even dropping because of the shape of my pelvis. Unless I had a really small baby (which he ensured would likely NOT be the case), I would end up needing a c…

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