2019 Resolutions

Are you a resolution creator?!

I really am not. I make goals each month (but have been slacking at that lately too, if we are being honest).

However, this year, I am simply going to try to be more present. Wherever I am and whoever I am with. When I think about my time with my kids whether that is nights at home, weekends, or summer break, I often find myself so distracted with mundane tasks (including my phone). I want to put it away (I wish I didn't need it for pictures) and just be with my family and friends.

I also want to do better about finding the good in people that surround me. I feel like I try to do this as much as possible, but I can still be better. It is so easy to complain and look at the negative side of situations and people, but we all know that doesn't get us anywhere. Trying to find the good in all will help me be a happier person.

Dan and I have some goals as well. Be more minimalistic and less materialistic (I mean, Dan even said he wants to spend less at gas stations...this is BIG). I saw this roaming around Facebook, and you probably did, too. But how true is this???

Basically, our resolutions are just to live more simply.

To remember these resolutions, I wrote them in the one place that I see a few times each day. My bathroom MIRROR. This will remind me when I wake up and when I go to bed. Sorry, they are kind of hard to read with the glare of the light.

Any tips to live more simply? I'll take all I can get :)


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