Christmas 2018

In an effort to be present with my family, I found I took a lot less pictures this year. I have some fun candid shots but was busy with the kids (lots of kids) over our Christmas celebrations.

On Friday, we were planning on hitting the road at 3:30. But, Ella wasn't feeling well. Dan picked her up early from daycare and brought her to the walk in doctor. Ear infection. Bummer! But, we got meds and then headed out of town around 4:30! To grandpa's house we go! My parents are divorced and so between them and Dan's family, we have a lot of Christmas celebrations. We typically stay at my dads house as there is plenty of room for our party of 5.

We got to my dads around 8:30, got all our stuff settled, and got the kids to bed! On Saturday morning, all the other family members started to arrive. My sister Beth (Chad, Scarlett, Finn, and Huck), my sister Bobbi (Max, Lucy, and Desmond...Al had to work), and my brother Donnie (Kiona and 'baby' Sutton).

Last Christmas, we all go matching pajamas for Christmas at my dads. This year, we couldn't all find ones that matched and so some of the kids matched, some adults matched, and some didn't match at all but it was certainly a comfy, cozy day!

 Sutton doesn't get very much attention from her cousins...

 Desi's face (bottom left) cracks me up in this picture!

Donnie & Kiona made every one breakfast and then it was PRESENT TIME! My kids thought this day would never come!

We cheered to a wonderful Christmas celebration!

We all went to bed thankful for time together! The next morning we woke up, packed up, and headed to my mom's house for Christmas #2. 

Watching Sutton open her gifts!
Waiting patiently for their turn!

We ate a fabulous dinner, watched the Vikings game, and gave the kids a much needed nap (and I may have snuck one, too). We packed up and headed home on Sunday evening. You guys, this never happens. We are never HOME for Christmas! We got home and unpacked all of our new goodies and settled in for a movie!

On Monday (Christmas Eve) we woke up and opened presents as a family. We always open one at a time and youngest to oldest.

Then, we got ready for Dan's family who was coming around noon! 

When Dan's sister Josie (Sean, Ashton, and Harper), Ella was excited to see her cousins!
We got ready for Christmas Eve church! These two were looking festive in their Christmas dresses.
 After church, we met Dan's mom and dad, brother Nick, and Josie, Sean, Ashton, and Harper at Red Lobster for Christmas Eve dinner. It was quite amazing not having to worry about cooking a big meal (nor cleaning up after everyone). The boys sure enjoyed their crab legs!

Then it was present time :)

 These three were going to settle in for a movie....
But then we neeeded cookies and carrots ready for Santa! Ella was trying to steal the plate from Harper and Jace...she wanted to eat them.
We woke up Christmas morning and Santa had come!

 This girl has plenty of baby things to play with now!
The rest of Christmas day we played games and relaxed. And then, Ella threw up. She ended up having the stomach flu from Tuesday - Friday, BUT we still successfully potty trained over this time. HOORAY! No more diapers for the Omans! 

I felt a little bit like a grinch, but I had all the decorations down on Wednesday evening. I was excited to clean my house and have some space back :) I always take them down before the New Year but usually am still unpacking from Christmas the day after.

When the weather wasn't super arctic, the kids played outside on the pond, sledding, and snowmobiling. I was hoping to do some carriage rides and bring the boys downhill or cross country skiing over the break but between the illnesses, blizzards and the cold weather, we didn't make it. Let's be real, they also got plenty of screen/video game time.

On New Years Eve, both of the boys had friends over. We played video games, had ribs and shrimp for supper, played board games, and stayed up until after midnight!

Everyone headed back to work/school/daycare on Wednesday.....except Ella and I went late as I brought her BACK in to the doctor to find out she had another ear infection. We got meds and are now on the mend...this is her 'I'm sad' face (I asked her to make a sad face)!
And that wraps up Christmas 2018!


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