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I am joining Erika and Shay for another year of link up's. This one is called 'Let's Look'. If you head over to their blogs, you can see all the bloggers that linked up and shared their thoughts on the monthly topic. It is fun to read all the different posts/ideas/thoughts! Some of the posts I am really looking forward to are: your favorite reads (yes, please), your pantry (always looking for new snacks/food essentials), and your typical day (lets face it, it is just to see how others live their day to day life). Head on over to their blog to check out all the cozy spots in homes. I'm hoping for ideas on how to make my house feel more cozy. 

I'll be honest, this topic was hard for me. I felt like this should be my living room where we all spend 90% of our time (besides moms in the kitchen) when we are home. But, when I thought about it, it really isn't that 'cozy' (except when the Christmas tree is up). I try to have minimalistic decor and furniture so maybe that is why I feel like it just isn't cozy. It also is a wide open space which I love but the word 'cozy' just doesn't come to mind. It isn't a big space and it is super plain. It is just kind of boring (but I do love it). So then I went between my bedroom and our basement living space. If we want to snuggle in and watch a movie as a family, those will be the two places you will find us! I spend each night relaxing in my bed and so I feel like it is super cozy. When we have company over, we never hang out in either place. Maybe the coziest spot should be my kitchen?! Isn't that where we moms are 99% of the time?!

After thinking about this for a week, I decided the coziest spot will be our basement living room. It is a little bit darker, has a few different colors, we can recline on the furniture, and it is typically pretty clean! It is also the space where the kids play with their friends and where we have our video game console. Like the rest of my house, it has minimal decor and clutter.

I'm bummed this picture got a little bit blurry but it is 10pm, I am laying in my bed, and really don't want to go retake a picture (and I clearly didn't want to take time to vacuum either).
I have a ladder for some blankets, a little lantern on the table and some throw pillows (old pillows but I got covers on Amazon). Disclaimer: I really dislike throw pillows and have been considering getting rid of these (if I keep them, I need to get different ones that have a bit of color; these ones just look awful with the color of my sofa). I got rid of my ones for my couches upstairs because they were NEVER on the couch. Like EVER. I was always picking them up and then realized this was ridiculous and it isn't the season of life for us to have a cute sofa!
I also realize I am in desperate need of some curtains to make this place look even cozier :) 
Besides the clock, this is literally the only decor in this room! It makes it easy to clean and is super simple. During Christmas time, I put some lights on the shelves which make it extra cozy! One thing I don't like is CORDS! Ugh! I have a basket that collects them plus other video game things.
Also, the shelves were installed when we moved into the house and I love them!

So, this is where you will find us on our popcorn and movie nights, where we open Christmas presents with family, where the kids are when friends are over, where Legos are built, where sleepovers happen, where lots of indoor football is played, and where I workout. This room is clearly multi-functional and I guess I am declaring it the coziest spot in my house :)

I have a little basket for the blankets for the kids. Let's be real, they never get folded and so they can just throw them in this little bin.
 I throw all my weights and workout stuff under this table...not the best spot but it keeps it somewhat hidden but easily accessible. I did not attempt to make this look pretty for the picture :) Yes, those are paper plates I use as sliders....#keepinitreal
That is a look at the coziest spot in my house! I will be back Friday with my Friday Favorites! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!


  1. I get it! I have been thinking about a reading nook.. a place that’s just mine. Or maybe a reading nook for the girls in their room too. But I don’t even know where to begin!

  2. We're in the process of finishing off our basement; I hope to have a nice cozy spot like this when we finish.

    1. Yay!!! It is so nice having a basement for the extra space. I definitely need to try to make it a bit more cozy. I'll just add it to my to-do list :)


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