My Favorite Things

My Friday Favorites is a little bit different today. I am still linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea but I'm sharing 10 of my favorites things in list form.

I am not a 'materialistic' person. Much to my husbands dismay, I will take generic all day, every day. I like generic peanut butter and off brand potato chips. I don't need a certain brand of shoes, clothes, jewelry, linens, etc. to make me happy or for me to feel like I fit in. Do I like them once in awhile? Of course. I try not to fill my life with 'stuff'. Instead, I love memories, opportunities, services, and quality time.

Having said that, I tried to compile a list of my favorite things, besides the obvious (people and necessities). Things meaning anything, not just those in which you can hold. Some of my favorite things don't necessarily have a price tag.
  1. A good sporting event. I like going to our local high schools volleyball and girls basketball games. Dan often lets me go by myself which means I get some alone time as well. I remember how important sports were to me in high school and how hard I worked and I love seeing the drive and determination from student athletes.
  2. Coffee - I would be lying if I said I didn't look forward to my cup of coffee each morning. Sometimes, this is what gets me out of bed. I love the taste (with cream) and I love the smell. Slowly, but surely, I am becoming more of a black coffee drinker but coffee with cream is still my preferred choice.
  3. Brooks Running Shoes - I love my Brooks shoes. I have had knee problems in the past, mostly when I was training for marathons, and these shoes have helped. I don't put in the mileage like I used to but I know I will be buying this shoe again and again.
  4. Stainless Steel Wipes - my sister would probably tell you I am a neat freak and while that may be partially true, I have tried to let a lot of that go in the last few months. I'm not going to lie, a clean house makes me REALLY happy but I don't want to be constantly stressed about not having a clean house. Having said that, I really can't get over having fingerprints on my appliances. I cannot stand dirty appliances. Now, I don't mind if other people's are dirty (although my sister will also tell you that I often tried to clean hers) but in my own house, it bothers me and is one of the first things I notice.
  5. Pants without a zipper - I was trying to explain this to a group of students as a favorite of mine and a coworker helped me out and said 'non zippered pants'. Yes, that is correct. Give me leggings, athletic pants, cotton pants, anything without a zipper and I will be happy. Jeans or dress pants are so constricting and uncomfortable (yes, even the most comfortable jeans aren't as comfortable as leggings).
  6. Hallmark Christmas Movies - it's almost that time! These are certainly a favorite of mine. I also follow Candice Cameron Bure on Instagram and am so excited for some of her upcoming shows this season!
  7. Getting a surprise Starbucks - Dan knows this is one of my love languages and will often surprise me with my favorite drink (skinny vanilla latte).
  8. Marks in the carpet from my vacuum cleaner - just keeping it real, they are a FAVORITE. 
  9. A quiet house and a loud, busy house - I realize these are two opposites. While I love my house filled with love and laughter, kids, excitement, and energy, I relish the evenings when the house is completely quiet. 
  10. Cookie Dough - I mean, I cannot tell you a list of my favorites without mentioning cookie dough. YUM!

Now I'm off to enjoy the sites and sounds of Duluth with my family <3


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